Technical Topics




  • Multi-scale and multi-physics material modeling
  • Microstructure generation and imaging
  • Material characterization and image-based models
  • Continuum, micro-scale and nano-scale modeling
  • Atomistic and molecular dynamics simulations
  • Material architecture and topology design
  • Stochastic mechanics & uncertainty quantification
  • High performance computing



  • Polycrystalline, poly-phase¬† metals and alloys
  • Composite materials and adhesives
  • Amorphous solids, ceramics
  • Polymers
  • Thin films. Coatings
  • New materials for energy capture, conversion, transmission and storage
  • Bio-materials, tissues
  • Foams and cellular materials
  • Electromagnetics, smart materials



  • Nonlocal models & size-dependent properties
  • Finite deformation elasticity and viscoelasticity
  • Plasticity, viscoplasticity, crystal plasticity
  • Damage and brittle and ductile fracture
  • Dynamic behavior and impact
  • Cyclic loading and fatigue