Scope of Workshop



The objective of the 22nd International Workshop on Computational Mechanics of Materials is to provide a forum for bringing together researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, government and laboratories all over the world to discuss latest advancements and future directions in various areas pertaining to computational mechanics of materials. The workshop is intended to cover all aspects of modeling and simulations of the mechanical behavior at different length and time scales. It will provide a platform for discussion of deformation and fracture mechanisms under different loading and environmental conditions. The materials of interest range from traditional materials such as metals, alloys, polymers and composites to advanced and emerging materials and bio-materials. Plenary lectures, mini-symposia with keynote lectures and regular presentations will be the workshop highlights.

Previuos IWCMM

1991 - 2011


2011 IWCMM 21 University of Limerick, Ireland

2010 IWCMM 20 Loughborough University, UK

2009 IWCMM 19 Constanta, Romania

2008 IWCMM 18 Beijing (China)

2007 IWCMM 17 CNRS/UMR, Paris, France

2006 IWCMM 16 Lublin, Poland

2005 IWCMM 15 Düsseldorf, Germany

2004 IWCMM 14 Goa, India

2003 IWCMM 13 Magdeburg, Germany

2002 IWCMM 12 Darmstadt, Germany

2001 IWCMM 11 Freiberg, Germany

2000 IWCMM 10 Galway, Ireland

1999 IWCMM 09 Berlin, Germany

1998 IWCMM 08 Stuttgart, Germany

1997 IWCMM 07 Vienna, Austria

1996 IWCMM 06 Hamburg, Germany

1995 IWCMM 05 Aachen, Germany

1994 IWCMM 04 Lille, France

1993 IWCMM 03 Stuttgart, Germany

1992 IWCMM 02 Stuttgart, Germany

1991 IWCMM 01 Stuttgart, Germany