Baltimore highights



Baltimore, a colorful, diverse city is Maryland's largest city and economic hub. It is known for its beautiful harbor, historic architecture, quirky and, distinct neighborhoods, unique museums, and the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital to the east. The city remains a relatively undiscovered jewel with a rich history. Named for Lord Baltimore in the Irish House of Lords, Baltimore settled in the early 17th century. Sometimes dubbed as "a city of neighborhoods," Baltimore is more commonly known as "Charm City." The artistic talents of native Baltimoreans, such as writers Edgar Allan Poe and H.L. Mencken, musician James Hubert "Eubie" Blake, and singer Billie Holiday, have all left an imprint on Baltimore’s unique culture. influenced it; each called Baltimore "home." Baltimoreans take tremendous pride in their city, boasting one of the most remarkable transformations in history. Yet they continue to welcome and amaze visitors with their "down to earth, small town" spirit and hospitality.